Ridgeway 40

Organiser: James

Attended by: James, Dan, Dave H, Richard S, Alan, Barry, Sarah R

The well known Ridgeway walk covers 40 miles from Overton back to Streatley. The time taken obviously depends on fitness, determination, good footwear, weather conditions, etc. We were fortunate with the weather and the cake stop was once again a welcome sight at 28 miles, but there was still 13 to go!!!

This year seven people entered and completed the walk! It was Richard’s 7th and Dave Hall and Dan’s 6th time. Amazing!

Dan came in at 9.44min

Dave H at 8.21 min

But one person with skinny legs got in an hour or two faster than any Newbury club member EVER in 11 years!!! Ending the annual debate will it be Dave Hall or Dan…. yes it was Batman James who blitzed the field in 7.44min.

However, Barry did a ‘Richard’ at the end of the walk. He made it to the pub, ate one chip and promptly collapsed. He was then taken off by St John’s Ambulance and ended up being taken to the Royal Berks which conveniently saved him worrying about getting back home to Reading. A cheap taxi!

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