Peak District

Present: Bob (organiser), Rhoda, Simon, Julie and 8 year old Tom.

Dreadful weather conditions in the previous week together with localised flooding in the South Yorkshire region saw a much reduced number of precisely 4 and one child travel up to camp at a charming farm with minimal home comforts. Keeping the faith paid off big time as Saturday was spent at a very dry (you could almost call it hot) Lawrencefield warming up on Snail Crack and other easy grade climbs with “athletic” (translation: “mind where you put your thumbs”) starts, and then glorious evening sunshine for Bob’s crank up Great Portland Street on London Wall at Millstone Edge, followed by a well deserved mega meal at the Robin Hood in Hathersage. By the time the party arrived back at the camp site we had the energy only to admire two of Jupiter’s moons through Bob’s snazzy hi spec binoculars before crawling into bed.

We were breakfasting in fantastic sunshine when Julie got a text from local friends suggesting a meeting at a wall because of the rain. “What rain?” she unwittingly texted back. Most of Sunday morning was then spent drinking pints of tea in the Outside Café and affording newcomer Simon a chance to purchase brand new boots and harness, which he may not get a chance to use again if this dreadful summer continues.

“Keeping the Faith” won through again in the end though. Where lesser mortals may have headed back down the M1 the party headed for Stanage on the premise that the wind would dry it out faster, and lo! more climbing was done.

Julie Carlisle

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