Present: Claire (organiser), Alan, Maggie, Sarah, Bruce, Simon H, Keyna, Shaun, Trudi, Evgenia, Richard C, Geoff, Rhoda, Annie, Dave H, Nicola

Location: The Wain House, Llanthony

Finding our weekend’s accommodation in Llanthony caused Maggie much distress – “we can’t stay there, it’s just a cow barn”, at which point we had to explain to her the definition of a camping barn. But The Wain House turned out to be a warm, cosy and very comfortable barn which suited us well. We appreciated the gentle neighing of our neighbours, and hope we didn’t disturb them too much with our usual revelries on Friday night.

A prompt start on Saturday morning in glorious sunny weather took us up behind the priory and along Offa’s Dyke to Hay Bluff, across to Lord Hereford’s Knob, and then along the Black Mountain ridge to Bal Mawr and back to Llanthony, arriving just before dark – a total of 15 miles though some argued that it was 18!

Saturday’s walk

Embracing the Caribbean theme

Outside the barn

Saturday night was a Caribbean theme extravaganza, some participating in full with colourful shirts (thanks Alan and Geoff) and we enjoyed tequila sunrises (Claire), delicious Jerk Chicken (Keyna), and a very potent rum trifle (Sarah). Reggae music was courtesy of DJ Bruce. It was very difficult to fit in Sarah’s birthday cake, but not so difficult her birthday prosecco.

Sunday was another fine day and we set out on a shorter circular walk of 7 miles back onto the Black Mountain ridge but on a rather more direct route up, hanging on to tree roots for dear life. We enjoyed a long leisurely lunch in the sunshine with great views back down into the valley before returning back to the barn to pack up. In Keyna’s rush to get away she left behind her rucksack, and returning it to her along the M4 is another story…

Claire White

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