Annual General Meeting

President: Dan Unwin
Treasurer: Richard Spraggett
Secretary: Catherine Conway
Committee: Sarah Davies, Andy Miles (joint Webmasters), Craig Cook, Marion Foster, Jilly Homersham, Simon Kirby, Claire White

After dinner Dan and Sarah presented the following awards, with the now-expected photographic highlights:

Absolute Altitude/Mountaineering Achievement Award: Pam Westgate, who summited Everest in May 2009.
Navigation Award: Simon Horner, for failing to locate a campsite and sleeping in his car… only 200m away.
Personal Achievement: Joanne Landrey, for achieving her personal goal of walking up Snowdon on the Llanberis path.
Most Improved Climbers: Simon Kirby and Alison Cann.
Best Trip: Dan Unwin, for the Pyrenees (again).
Girl Guide Award: Bob Hotchkis, for fixing Claire’s boots in the Pyrenees using tape and cable ties.
Most Trips Award (for most meets attended during the year): Alan Tinkler (despite strong competition from Trudi Wellings, who only joined the Club in February).
Gordon Golden Underpants Ramsay Award (combining the two this year): Bruce Wilson, for an attempt at head-boiling during the Pico Aneto ascent in the Pyrenees.
New Year’s Honours Award: (Dame) Maggie Russell, for many years of loyal service (and entertainment).

The evening continued with a slide show of some of the year’s photos, and a DJ.

Sarah Davies

Related Images:

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