NMC Awards 2013

Saturday, 1st Feb 2014



  1. Alan & Claire Mt. Ararat in Turkey – 5137m (16854 ft).
  2. All those that went to the Pyrenees climbed several peaks between 2,660m and 2980m

The winners are: Alan and Claire (Red wine, plus picture of Mt Ararat)

Navigation Award

Nominations :

  1. Andy Dobson for driving on the way to the Pyrenees and for some unfathomable reason chose to ignore the Sat Nav. James & Keyna were following, there were road signs telling saying take the next exit but they continued straight on taking them miles away from where we wanted to be. Under mounting pressure Andy then took on the role of rally driver taking hairpin corners on two wheels (turning Barry Green in the process), and driving straight over crossroads blissfully unaware of the multitude of STOP signs… Fortunately we made it safely to lunch stop where we could change drivers.
  2. Andy Moss for planning to get the bus back from Sidmouth to Beer but not realizing that the bus didn’t run on a Saturday. Fortunately Claire came to the rescue by having an OS map and persuading the bus driving to drop us on the main road part of the way so we could walk the rest of the way back via some shortcuts.
  3. For someone who has years of mountain navigational experience and is one of the most experienced people in the club, this person managed to become lost traversing the tricky streets of Newbury to get from one side of town to the other so they could join up with the rest of NMC for Charlotte Moss’s welcoming party. He managed to keep this quiet from everyone. Dan
  4. Dan & James – Getting ‘lost’ on the well sign posted 24 miles of the Clarendon Way, more than once, & ending up on a housing estate and finally getting a lift to the finish. Therefore, walking approx 28 miles in total due to bad signposts or was that just an excuse. What about modern technology (i-phones etc) landmarks such as huge cathedral spires of Winchester?
  5. Richard – for getting lost on the M1 on the way to the lakes trip he organized in October. First going the wrong way down the M40, then missed 2 junctions to get off the M6. But it didn’t stop as he then missed the M42 on his way back home (note that his passengers Si Kirby and Dave Wilson weren’t much use either).

The winners are: Dan and James


Girl Guide Award


  1. Bruce, for showing everyone at the pre-Pyrenees evening what kit to take. Having the tools and know how to fix Andy Moss’ Oakley sunglasses lens back in the frame when it fell out in the Pyrenees. Plus, nominations for just having lots of kit (meticulously packed and planned) and generally helping out in times of need.
  2. Simon P – for having enough crampons to go round in Scotland & showing folk how to use them
  3. James – for having an i-Phone (with mapping) so Dan & he could find Winchester but failed miserably!
  4. Keyna – for blinding everyone with her head torch each morning (well those who actually slept in the bunks!!). Always good to wake up feeling you’re being interrogated.

The winner is: Bruce

Tortoise & the Hare
(a new award for this year)

The classic yearly contest- the 40 Mile Ridgeway Walk. This was Richard’s 7th time and Dave H and Dan’s 6th time

  1. Dan came in at 9.44
  2. Dave H at 8.21.
  3. But who was that chap with the skinny legs who got in an hour/two faster than any Newbury club member EVER in 11 years ???? Blitzed the field no less in 7hours 44 min. Ending the annual debate will it be Dave Hall or Dan…. Batman James.

However the organizer of this event who was in fact James, who hadn’t actually registered himself! So is this an official time and does it deserve an award?

The winner is: James

Golden Underpants


  1. Barry Tucker – for doing a ‘Richard’ at the end of the RW40. He made it to the pub ate one chip and promptly collapsed. He was then taken off to be seen by a St John’s Ambulance and ended up being taken to the Royal Berks which conveniently saved him worrying about getting back home to Reading. A cheap taxi!
  2. Dave Wilson –On the first day of Pyrenees the walk turned into a rock climb & Dave ended up hanging on to the summit of Pic De Peguera with his tongue!
  3. Maggie- Bravery (or stupidity) for climbing several Munros in winter conditions having just recovered from a broken shoulder and with a wrist still in plaster. Luckily I didn’t add to my injuries.

The winner is: BARRY

Gordon Ramsey

Nominations :

  1. Sarah Roberts – single-handed Xmas feast of roast turkey and all the trimmings including stuffing, sausages and loads of veg. after a full day out on the mountains. She even managed to have a swift drink at the pub whilst cooking.
  2. James’ & Marion’s – joint effort at the Dan y Gyrn Hostel made easier as due to the rain they had the afternoon to prepare before the pub visit.
  3. Barry – and his bread in the Pyrenees.
  4. Mark Conway – Whilst wilderness camping Mark served up a fabulous 5 course meal on the Saturday carried in a 35L rucksack alongside tent, sleeping bag, mat etc. It consisted of smoked salmon, noodles and chicken, chorizo couscous, a cake baked from scratch in a trangia topped with toffee sauce, mountains of cheese washed down with port!

The winner is: MARK

No Fixed Abode


  1. Sarah R- approximately 8 trips, which is great as she only joined this year!
  2. Claire & Alan – 13 out of 15 trips.

The winners are: ALAN and CLAIRE

Best Accomodation:

The winner is: Claire for Scotland

Mountain Achievement Award

  1. Tricia Ray- for her scramble up Swirrel Edge on Helvellyn taking her completely out her comfort zone when she thought she was going for an easy ramble not scramble. This seemed the easiest option rather than Striding Edge but when Tricia saw it she exclaimed ‘We’re not really going up there!!!’ But she did it!
  2. Sarah Roberts – for her enthusiasm in going on almost every trip and trying everything, including winter walking in crampons in the lakes and scrambling (or was it rock hugging) over massive boulders and steep scree in the Pyrenees

The winner is: SARAH Roberts

Best Trip of the Year

  1. Richard – Grasmere, Lakes -Feb
  2. Richard – Eskdale, Lakes in Dec
  3. Claire –The Rhinogs, wilderness camping
  4. Claire – Scotland, Easter
  5. Dan – Hut2hut in the Pyrenees

The winner is: Dan for the Pyrennes, but was closely followed by Claire’s Easter trip to Scotland.

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Slideshow of 2013, courtesy of Claire White Productions.

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