Yorkshire 3 Peaks, June 28-29

Yorkshire 3 peaks, June 28-29.

Attendees: Barry Alan, Maggie, Dan U, Dan S, Belinda, Sarah R, Andy D, Mark C, Simon K, Dave W, Alistair.

Organizer: Barry

Very clean & tidy bunkhouse in the sleepy Yorkshire village of Clapham.

Alan and Maggie arrived on Friday and walked from Ingleton along the well- known and spectacular Waterfalls walk with an extension up to Gragareth (627m). This involved deviating from paths and crossing moorlands, the problem being walls without stiles. So the answer was to cross over or under barbed wire or walk on and on until you finally came across a gate and then go through fields full of bulls , A lesson to be learnt-follow footpaths!

Saturday morning, we drove to a very busy Horton-in-Ribbleside. Hundreds of people thronged around, along with us to embark on the 3 peaks, 24.5 mile route. There is the option to “clock in” at the Pen Y Ghent Café, but that doesn’t open till 8am. The queue was long, so we elected not to wait and set off a few minutes just before 8am. Ex-club member Alistair, who now lives in Kendal also joined us.

There was a lot of people on the route, many of who had set out as early at 4am.

Here’s the times:

  • Simon. 5hr 7mins. Stunning athletic performance, running to the end.
  • Mark. 5hr 40 min. Back in time to go gear shopping in Kendal.
  • Andy 6hr 00 – approx., he descended to Clapham bunkhouse direct. A great showing for his first mountain run.
  • Dan S, Dan U, Dave, Barry. 9 hours. They are claiming 8 hours, if you exclude “pub time” along the route.
  • Belinda, Alistair, Sarah. 11hours 50 mins – with the additional distinction of visiting both pubs along the route.

Checking out an old trip report from 2008, the club has got a lot more athletic over those 6 years, with everyone completing the challenge.

Meanwhile, as the rest of the group slogged up and down dale, Alan and Maggie decided that one peak was enough (rather Maggie did!) and Alan who has completed the Three Peaks 6  times before  had a mission to get back to watch yet more football , Brazil v Chile . They walked up to the top of Ingleborough and extended the route to include the impressive Moughton Scars.

Dinner was at The New Inn – great gastro pub in Clapham village, only 100m from the bunkhouse. And we celebrated Sarah’s birthday with a cake and candles. Her 40th, right?

On Sunday most of the group headed straight  back to Newbury with a range of reasons mainly very stiff legs and exhaustion. Alan, Maggie, Si and Dave enjoyed finally seeing the sun and had a leisurely walk from Clapham to Austwich via the Norber Erratics, and successfully got back to Newbury for Holland v Mexico.





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