7-9th November 2014, Beach Head bunkhouse, near Porth Mear

Trip Organiser: Marion

Attendees: Alan, Claire, Mark, Marion, James, Keyna, Belinda, Trudie, Jill, Rhoda, Sue, Joanne and Steve. Gaby, Mike and CJ along for the meal on Saturday.

The National Trust, Beach Head bunkhouse, nestles between Newquay and Padstow, just off of the South West costal path.

After a brief wait Saturday morning to allow some persistent showers to clear, the group fought against the oncoming, thankfully onshore, gales along the south west costal path to Newquay. Apart from the (very gusty) wind the day was bright and Newquay was in view for most of the walk along the coast. Watching England get narrowly beaten at rugby by the All Blacks, having some local beer(s) and acquiring pasties was the order of the day on arrival in Newquay.

The Cornish bus service managed to let us down slightly, as the 556 appeared on the electronic board at the bus stop and then promptly disappeared again. We needed to resort to local taxis to ferry us back to the bunkhouse. Amazing none of the taxi drivers had a clue where the bunkhouse was even though it was only a short hop from Newquay. As cream teas were missed earlier, Marion, and helpers, managed to rustle up batches of freshly baked scones, along with clotted cream and strawberry jam for a pre-appetiser-appetiser course to dinner. Mmmm. A very pleasant dinner followed by an outrageously entertaining game of Red-Handed followed.

Sunday saw a split of those touristing it up in and around Padstow and a hardy 6 who walked another 8 miles along the coastal path from Trevone back to the bunk house. The weather was glorious, apart from a brief spell of thunder and lightening, and every bay along the way had amazing views.

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