Ridgeway 40

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Date(s) - 11 May 2013 All Day

This trip involves us entering a team in the long-established “Ridgeway 40”. The event typically attracts 200 walkers and runners on the second Saturday in May every year.

The walk then covers the 40 miles from Overton back to Streatley. The time taken obviously depends on your fitness, weather conditions, etc. but in previous years our average arrival time was 21.00. There are no stiles, there’s very little height gain and you have to try really hard to get lost, so the only demanding features are the distance and possibly the weather. Determination, good footwear (and the ability to overcome boredom – Didcot Power Station is in view for 14 miles!) are the order of the day.

There is a checkpoint every 4 or 5 miles where you can get water and squash. Drinks at checkpoints will only be dispensed into a cup you carry with you – take your own or order one to pick up on the day for £1. The one pub en route (after 14 miles) closed in 2008, so bring your own food.

You can leave the walk at any checkpoint and the organisers will drive you back to Streatley. If you fail to reach the 28-mile checkpoint by 19.30 they will assume you can’t finish the walk by 22.30 and withdraw you.

If you want to join the walk but not complete it, obviously there is nothing stopping you. If you want to get a certificate for covering 20 miles though, you’ll have to join a separate walk the same day which covers the 20 miles from White Horse Hill above Lambourn back to Streatley. Details of that walk are on the website, http://www.ridgeway40.org.uk as is most of the stuff included above.

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