North Wales

Present: Andy M (organiser), Paul W, Martin, Olga, Sarah D, Bruce, Alan, Claire, Keyna, Shaun, Si, Ali, Sue, Steve V, Steve C, Graham W, Phil D, Andy L

The club stayed in the Emily Kelly Hut owned by the Pinnacle Club. As befitting of a club not run by men the hut was clean, warm and comfortable! Although a sign said otherwise, Andy M claimed in his professional capacity (after a few drinks – Ed) that the hut water was perfectly safe to drink unboiled, and wasn’t the slightest bit ill afterwards (he says – Ed again).

Being North Wales we arrived in the rain and it pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the weekend. This didn’t stop anyone from getting out and actually doing anything. Si and Ali still had some energy left from their week at Plas-y-Brenin and along with Phil Dickins went up the Miners track on Snowdon, scrambled up Y Cribin ridge and returned over Y Lliwedd. Sue, Steve V and Graham launched themselves into a ‘Tim Macartney-Snape’ style assault on Snowdon by walking from the hut (100m above sea level) over Y Lliwedd to Snowdon and then descending the S Ridge before taking the Watkin path back. Early contenders for the cumulative altitude award.

Claire, Alan, Sarah, Bruce, Andy L, Keyna and Shaun went in the opposite direction, for a stomp over Foel Goch and Yr Arddu. The route didn’t quite go as planned, due to foul weather and featureless terrain; eventually Bruce roused himself from his epic hangover to enquire, “Haven’t we seen that copse before…?”. Nevertheless the group took this small anomaly in their stride and arrived safely back at the hut for a paddle in the river to wash all the mud off.

Bruce and Alan, honest, on Yr Arddu (Claire)

Paul and Andy M took Steve Collard out on his first rock climb outside. OK, so it was a bit damp but they raced up Ordinary Route on Idwal Slabs (Diff, 425ft and in parts like a waterfall) and then scrambled up into the Nameless Cwm to reach the base of Cneifion Arete late in the afternoon. Ignoring the time, the weather and the fact Andy was chef for the evening, they completed the fantastic ‘alpine’ Cneifion Arete (475ft, Mod, gusty!) and got most of the way down before darkness overtook them.

Paul high on Cneifion Arete (Andy)

On Idwal Slabs (Andy)

Steve on Cneifion Arete (Andy)

That evening a communal meal was cooked by Graham and Andy. The hot curry was described by Alan as a “cheeky little number” so more curry paste next time! This was followed by a school dinner-style apple crumble and custard cooked by Steve V. At that point everyone was too stuffed for the cake in honour of Sarah’s birthday.

Sunday was equally wet. Steve V and Sue went out for some micro navigation practice. Most people opted for shorter, low level walks before heading home.

Andy Miles

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