Annual General Meeting

Was held at the Dolphin Pub on Saturday 7th January 2012.


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Minutes of the last AGM
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Election of the Committee (see note)
  5. Open Forum
  6. AOB

Note: The entire Committee shall be elected. Posts are: – Club President, Club Treasurer, Club Secretary, Web Master, Meets Co-ordinator, Membership Co-ordinator. Nominations should be sent to Keyna (Club President).


Please send any memories of particular incidents/moments from 2010 (good, bad, hilarious, sad, funny, witty, amazing or dull), along with your entries for the Altitude Award and nominations for the NMC People’s Choice Awards. For example…

Mountain Achievement – For the person who has gone beyond and managed to succeed in the mountains against the odds. A personal goal fulfilled.

and a little less serious…

Golden Underpants – For surviving hair raising moments. It is a superb trophy which will grace any mantelpiece.

Navigation Award – For the worst navigational blunders. Not being able to find your way to the YHA toilets, your own car, your own house etc etc.

Girl Guide Award – The Scouts motto might be “Be Prepared” but this is for the opposite: unpreparedness in the face of mountains.

Most Trips – For the person who has spent a disproportionate amount of their life on NMC trips.

Culinary Perversity (the Gordon Ramsay Award) – In these times of ever more elaborate group meals, what really ticked your tastebuds on a Club trip this year? (Clean entries only please.)

… and anything else you can think of. Get those nominations in!

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