North Wales

Present: Keyna & James, Simon, Paula, Jill, Dan, Alan & Claire, Sue, Tom, Mark &Marion & Chip, Belinda and Sarah. Sarah is new to the club and did great.

Location: Pinnacle Club Hut, Nant Gwynant, Snowdonia

The Pinnacle Ladies Climbing Club hut is hilarious. There are only 2 beer glasses and about 100 wine glasses. The hot water never runs out, the drying room works really well, it’s got a great fireplace and is lovely and warm and cosy.

Everyone was there by 10pm and a late night all round – about 2am the final folks dragged themselves to only bed.

On Saturday everyone headed from the hut to Pen-y-Pass. From here we split into 2 groups. Keyna, James, Tom, Sarah & Dan all then went across Crib Goch while the rest followed the Miners Track- with lovely lake views by the way. Sarah and Tom have never done such mountaineering across a small, narrow, exposed path before. It was icy and snowy and we had to talk them through some sections. It took a while but all credit to the newbies. They did brilliantly and were justifiably proud of their achievements. We all somehow met at the top and then the long walk home.

Alan and Claire were sporting their mini crampons – £15 from Cotswolds. They worked a treat apparently.

James led Keyna and Sue back to the hut using the GPS on his iPhone as Keyna had put her map away in her rucksack and couldn’t be bothered getting it out again. They could see the river, where it split to the hut and realised the path followed the river all the way to the hut. Straight home for us although headtorches were required. We only lost the path once. First in and showered – ahhhhh….

The others decided to cut for the safety of the road but spent ages finding their way across muddy fields in the pitch dark so came in long after us iphone smarties.

Dinner was courtesy of Keyna & James (satay chicken skewers), dinner a feast C/O Marion & Mark (Sausage & Pasta) and Sue bought various sticky pies for dessert. Everyone else was on washing up duty. Suckers !!!

Sunday was a short but energetic walk battling against the sleet to the small but lovely summit of Crimpiau above Capel Curig.

Kenya Garner, Claire White 

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