Brecons (Dan y Gyrn NT bunkhouse)

Organiser: Claire

Attended by: Claire, Alan, Keyna, James, Mark F, Marion, Sarah R, Andy D, David, Maggie, Belinda, Bruce W, Dave W

We finally made it to the bunkhouse that we had cancelled in January (due to the snow). Our luck with the weather was not with us as we woke to torrential, horizontal rain on Saturday. We set off but the walk got shorter and gradually people dropped out until it was decided that the pub seemed a much better option. Luckily this was followed by glorious sunshine on Sunday and we finally had a chance to do the Pen Y Fan horseshoe with some fabulous views.

Memories: Dave falling asleep twice in the evening due to rather a lot of beers, James burning his thesis, James and Keyna announcing their engagement (which everyone knew about anyway).

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