Malvern Hills – July 2017

When: 30th June – 2nd July

Attendees: Andy M, Dan U, Maisie U, Simon H, Belinda S, Andreea I, Jill R, Trudi W, Daisy CY, Angela C

A lovely weekend in the Malvern Hills and only a 90 minute drive from Newbury. Arriving on the Friday night we enjoyed some music and snacks before a leisurely start at 10am the next morning…

Heading up through the woods was spectacular with rich lush woods on the lower slopes that soon became quite steep as we got up onto the top by Pinnacle Hill. We made our way north and up and over Summer Hill before the high point at 425m. We descended on the far side to do Sugarloaf Hill, Table Hill and North Hill. We then made our way back again via the same route but this time unable to resist the lure of the pub on a scorching hot summers day and little Maisie was after some ice cream
We continued onwards over Jubilee HIll, Pinnacle Hill, Black Hill before stopping at a hotel/bar to finish the day and more ice cream for Maisie. We descended down through the lush woodland back to the bunkhouse. Total for the day was approx 9.25 miles and 2000 ft ascent and descent

Sunday, we drove the the hotel/bar where we stopped at the previous evening. From there we headed south with a steep climb up to the summit of the Herefordshire Beacon at 338m with stunning views for miles. Then on to Millenium Hill, Hangmans Hill, Swinyard Hill and a fun but steep descent down alongside the quarry and back up through Gullet woods. Next up was Midsummer Hill before the descent into Hollybush, Last up was a very steep climb up to Ragged Stone Hill at 254m where we stopped for lunch. Then it was time to turn around and do it all again on our way back to the car. Even though the Hills were not as high as Saturdays, it was almost unanimous that the scenery and walking was even better than the previous days. As we descended back down to the cars, there was just time for one more ice cream to keep everyone happy. The total for the day was approx 7 miles and 1700 ft ascent/descent.

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