Christmas Walk – Dec 2017

Attendees: Andy Moss, Debs Moss, Charlotte Moss (child), Dan Unwin, Maisie Unwin (child), Beckie Unwin (evening) Maggie Russell, Kate Lo, Amelia Lo (child), Andrew Lo, Ethan Lo (child), Simon Pike, Marion Foster, Mark Foster, Richard Spraggett, Steve Lane, Joanne Lane (evening), Sue Woods, Eddie Riff , Andy Challinor, Paula Challinor, Emily Challinor (child), Annabel Challinor (child), Keyna Garner, Alan Tinkler, Claire White, Bruce Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Hannah Wilson (child), Amy Wilson (child)

A great Christmas walk on a beautiful crisp winters morning. Setting off a lunchtime we covered off slightly less that the planned route as the darkness started to come in and with a few kids in tow. We left Newbury heading north along the byways parallel to Hermitage Road, before cutting up to Grimsbury Castle (or whats left of it) before cutting through the woods back to the pub for a lovely group Christmas meal…

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