Next Steps Scrambling Training Weekend…

next steps scrambling – Ogwyn Valley

Trainer – Matt @
Attendees – Andy, Kate, Iain

The day started with a basic introduction to the types of scrambling (grade 1, 2, 3) equipment used and various use case scenarios. What was interesting was learning about the differences between ropes and slings and what to look for when scrambling outdoors as opposed to indoor climbing.

After morning briefing, we headed outside into the welsh rain to put our new found knowledge to practial use. A short walk from the hostel into the base of the Glyders with plenty of super slippy rock with the rain hammering down.

We practised belaying others using the A-B-C (Anchor, Belayor, Climber) technique along with just the B-C (Belayor & Climber) as well. We then practised self Rappels using the traditional and African Chair method. By a mile we all found the african chair method much more controlled and less uncomfortable although this comes at the expense of significant amounts of rope as you have to double up – something to think about on the mountain…

after a bit of lunch in the driest spot we could find, we then scrambled up to higher ground to practise use of belaying with the use of a sling and italian hitch knot. It was here that Iain felt uncomfortable over some bigger boulders with the slippy rock so we had the perfect reason to practise for real, and although there was a risk of Iain meeting a grisly end, we all felt it was a risk worth taking to learn some new skills :o)

After taking it in turns to climb and descend down a short steep gulley whilst also practising as the belayor, it was time to head back to the YHA for a nice meal.

Sunday was an early start to do the north face of Tryfan as the morning was forecast to be dry before before rains moved in after lunch. As always Tryfan doesn’t disappoint and a wonderful scramble to the summit. Iain who came close to completing Tryfan a number of years ago but had to turn back had a score to settle and was overjoyed when we made it to the top.

A gentle descent down the south side and back down to the visitor centre completed a fantastic weekend…

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